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Ranks to be changed

Ranks to be changed

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 Vouch System

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Nate Dawg8583

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PostSubject: Vouch System   Mon May 28, 2012 12:08 am

New Vouching System...

Its on you who you vouch for we ask not to vouch for vouch and if someone u vouched for scam/welchs vouchs will be collected

Caution Traders - Traders with a bit of a dirty history who have worked to prove themselves as trustworthy

Rookie - Starting Rank for New Members. Will be able to vouch 10k.

Starter - Will need 200k in vouches to reach this tier and you will be able to vouch 20k.

All Pro- Will need 400k in vouches to reach this tier and you will be able to vouch 35k.

Hall of Fame - Will need 650k in vouches to reach this tier and must pass a staff vote to be added to this tier. You can vouch 50k.

Mods- Selected by Admins as members who are active and a help to the forum. Will have a say in the voting of Hall of Fame members. They can vouch 80k.

Admins - The leaders of the site who can select mods and vote for Hall of Fame members. Can vouch 100k.
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Vouch System
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